Hello Pals , there is a new cash cow in town and its knowns as WATER PURIFIERS and WATER ATMS.

Due to the high risk associated with impure water, the demand for water filtration has never been higher. Our natural resources are also under pressure, as we grapple with pollution, climate change, and a rapidly growing population. Unfortunately, tap water, which is meant to be safe for drinking, can be quite harmful as contaminants affect overall water quality.  Additionally, physical, chemical and microbiological impurities from various water sources make water even more unsafe for consumption.

Boiling water used to be sufficient enough to kill many germs and bacteria, making it safe to consume. However, things have since changed as boiling water, even for more than 20 minutes will not get rid of new age contaminants such as pesticides, fertilizers and other dangerous chemicals that find their way into our water sources. That’s why it’s crucial to understand the importance of water filtration, and purification options to keep your families drinking water safe. Water filters remove bacteria and harmful chemicals which can cause diseases and poor health. Here are some of the reasons to filter your water:


  1. WATER ATM and storage tank.- in this case, pure water is delivered to your shop and put in the tank. The atm is fitted secondary filtration and does the filtration as its dispenses in to customers bottles.
  2. WATER PURIFIERS   and refilling station.- In this case you have the water purifier machine and the refilling station (can be a water ATM , OR  a filling station  for filling both small and large bottles)



Not all people have access to safe drinking water. According to a 2017 report by the United Nations (UN) World Health Organization (WHO), 2.1 billion people lack access to a safe and reliable drinking water supply at home. Eighty-eight percent of the four billion annual cases of diarrhoea reported worldwide have been attributed to a lack of sanitary drinking water. Each year approximately 525,000 children under age five die from diarrhoea, the second leading cause of death, and 1.7 million are sickened by diarrheal diseases caused by unsafe water, coupled with inadequate sanitation and hygiene.

Importance of Water Filtration and Purification

Water is an absolute necessity of life. It makes about 60% of your body and is involved in many essential body functions ranging from regulating body temperature to flushing out toxins and protecting body tissues, joints as well as the spinal cord. Water also plays a critical role in carrying out many of the body’s chemical reactions. Without water, parts of your body such as the skin would lack its proper shape and fullness. This article will go into detail about the importance of water filtration so that you’re drinking the best quality of your water to keep you healthy.

Reasons to Filter Your Tap Water

  1. Filtering water can result in not only better tasting, but also better smelling water by removing chemicals, pesticides, chlorine, bacterial contaminants and heavy metals.
  2. Point-of-use water treatment filters remove a wide range of contaminants from drinking water including chlorine, chemicals, and up to 240 other volatile organic compounds. 
  3. Research has established that water filters reduce the risk of certain cancers including colon cancer, rectal cancer, and bladder cancer by ridding water of chlorine and chlorine by-products.
  4. Carbon water filters are designed to selectively remove toxic contaminants from drinking water and still retain healthy mineral deposits that help to balance the pH of drinking water.
  5. By removing giardia, e-coli and cryptosporidium, water purification systems like reverse osmosis technology have been shown to reduce the risk of gastrointestinal disease by more than 80%.
  6. Filtered water is vital for children as it provides, clean, healthy water that’s essential for their immune systems.
  7. Water filters act as the last line of defense against over 4,150 known toxins that may enter the body through drinking water.
  8. Drinking clean, filtered water leads to general overall wellbeing and also helps to prevent disease.

Bottom Line

Given the significance of water in sustaining life, it’s no surprise that access to clean water is a basic human right. Your body needs safe drinking water for it to remain healthy. Impure water, on the other hand, can be very deadly. That’s why the importance of water filtration is incredibly high. Water filtration experts at Clear Water Concepts will be able to help you with anything ranging from whole-house water filtration systems to water softeners to improve the water quality in your home.

Step One: Find a Good Location

The secret to success in this business lies in achieving a large volume of sales per day. You therefore should locate your business in an area that is adequately populated. The more walk-in customers your ATM can attract, the better. But what if finding such a location proves difficult? Well, worry not.

You can approach your nearest supermarket or mini-market and negotiate a revenue sharing agreement. Like there is one guy from kahawa who has partnered with a local supermarket. They will give you the space and you will give them the machine and water to dispense. Smart…isn’t it?

Well still having a motorbike guy to do office deliveries and home deliveries will increase your sales and hence more profit.

Step Two: Choose a Good ATM Machine

Choose a machine that does not strain your budget and one that has enough capacity to sustain your customers’ demand. You can start small with a 250 litre per hour  machine and then graduate to a bigger even to 5000 litre machine as demand rises.

As for purchasing the machine you can either buy one locally from local manufacturers like PHYNE LIMITED  or import directly from Italy. Locally manufactured machines are cheaper as low as Ksh (90, 000) and as you know, it’s a good idea to BUY KENYAN, BUILD KENYA. Here are some tip that will come in handy in your search for a good  water purifier and  water  ATM machine.

*If importing, consider buying the machine in separate parts to be assembled locally. That will help you save on tax.

*Generally, look for a machine that is easy to use. Preferably one whose technology can be understood even by kids.

*Look for a machine whose spare parts are readily available locally and insist on warranty cover on all your purchases.

TIP: we highly recommend you to purchase one locally because of maintenance that may be required and spare part availability locally . Also remember locally made is way cheaper than imported which costs between 250,000 to 400,000 before tax

Step Three: Get relevant licenses.

In order to the peak of every business its highly important to comply with the relevant government policies laid down. This will save you dramas while you are in your day today  operations.

You need to a license for operating the business (business permit) .

Further, you need a health certificate. Remember water is a consumable so it requires high hygiene standards.

A small business house will cost rent of Ksh 8000, and business permit will cost you Ksh 4000

HINT: Areas that fall in Machakos, Kiambu or Kajiado counties tend to have cheaper single-business permit charges than ones in the core Nairobi despite their proximity to the city (Examples: Ongata Rongai (Kajiado), Syokimau (Machakos), Githurai 45 (Kiambu), Kahawa Sukari(Kiambu), Kahawa Wendani (Kiambu), Ruaka (Kiambu), Mlolongo (Machakos), Kitengela (Kajiado)), pipeline,dandora, stage mpya,

Other places such as middle-class estates, have a high potential number of clients .However, rent in such places is a bit expensive from KSH 10,000 to 30,000.

As an aspect of business, population  size and composition  is an important fact to consider in this business.

How Much To Spend As You Start (Estimates)

As a water vendor with just an ATM and a holding tank

Shop rent -8000

Pure water=10,000   (2SH PER LITRE) buy 5000litres

Holding  tank = 25,000

Bottle rinser jet= 70,000

Water ATM MACHINE with secondary filtration=100,000

Other licences- health =5000

As a water vendor with just an ATM and a holding tank

 Water purifier machine for borehole = 230,000 or  water atm for  municipal  water @  180,000

Water atm, without secondary filtration @ 80,000

Bottle rinser jet @ 70,000

Profit potential (estimates)

A well-established vegetable water vending  station can sell over 25pieces, 20 litres bottles . This is because  you are refilling an exisiting  bottle  so customers don’t have to buy  new bottles.So provided your shop is clean and your customer service is on point, there is no reason as to why you should not sell more than 25pieces, 20 litres bottles  la day.

There is even more potential if you partner with a renowned supermarket on a revenue sharing agreement. That way you can sell more than 50  pieces of  20litre per day.

Okay…let’s stop day dreaming and stick to the 25pieces  for purposes of calculations.


SALES 25pieces @ at 250sh =7500

Expenditure = water (20×2)x 25 bottles=1000 + 25x8sh for caping  and sealing=200; total =1200

Estimated Expenses per day (rent=400+employee= 500) total =900

*NET PROFIT = 5400

*Monthly NET PROFIT= Ksh 162,000

*MINIMUM PROFIT per Month = Ksh162, 000 (Per ATM)

Going by this rule, you will need just 2 month to recoup your initial investment.

You could increase  the profits  by simply  delivering more to offices, packaging for events, and customised branding for restaurants .

Final word.

WATER IS LIFE. Disregarding the start-up cost, water business is highly profitable and long term investiment worth a thought.

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