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New Face of Milk Atm

Two years after Milk atm vendor machines were discovered, they have been largely endorsed not only by businessmen but also by customers. The onset of this business was irresistible with very lucrative profits upon having a large customer base.
The usually recommended pasteurized milk which cost Ksh. 50 per litre and sold at Ksh. 75sh litre at the Atm. In a nutshell, for every litre of milk sold the vendors pocketed about 25sh.
Taking the upper quartile of large vendors who made a fortune from this venture, Kassmatt Githurai boss apprises that in a normal, he would hit 500 litres and in a high sales day he would sell up to 1000 litres. This would translate to Ksh 12,500 and Ksh 25,000 on the lower and the upper side respectively.

Taking the lower quartile with moderate number of customers, most vendors hold it that they made reasonable profit from selling 100 litres to 300 litres of milk daily translating to a profit amounting to Ksh2500 to 7500 daily. This was by all means good value for their money invested and most important the investment paid off within six months of vending milk.
However, in the recent past, the popularity of the milk atm has greatly reduced and it is not an attractive venture to many. This reduction in consumption has been brought about by the lack of precision and accuracy while dispensing the milk and therefore denying customer’s value for their money. The logic controllers used has erroneous finite automata or lack of paying attention to type of pump one is using to pump the liquid.

We as Phyne Limited have come up with an outstanding solution to this problem; to give absolutely new face of the milk atm as far as precision and accuracy is concerned. After a close scrutiny to the existing PLC (programmable Logic Controllers) and an extended research we have come up with a more accurate, more precise and better functioning logic controllers which are tailored to meet exact customer needs. Further, we have been able to get a food grade, precise and accurate pump that doesn’t allow for flow back or suck back of the liquid being dispensed. Precisely, we have looked all the problems faced in various Atm models both local and imported and solved them amicably in our new model. We have an outstanding solution to your ailing milk atm and new once if needs one from us. We also offer 1 year of free servicing to ensure your atm is efficiently working. Our pricing is very affordable yet our quality is the best.

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