automatic school bell

Automatic School Bell System

Automatic School Bell System

This is yet another amazing product from Phyne Limited that relieves the person responsible to ring the bell at accurate time. It is fully automated, stand-alone component and most importantly tailored to suits the specific needs of a given institution.

It supports different modes including weekdays and weekends which are fully customized to exact needs of a given institution.

Further, it supports manual ringing button which is essential in times of emergences.

We are capable of automatic already and existing bell / siren or putting up a new one if needed at a very affordable prices.

This Automatic school bell has a high accuracy of microseconds and is useful in schools, colleges, education institutions, coaching institutions etc.

Special offer: We offer One term of free Testing for the Automatic Bell System.

Give us a call on 0720 900 777 0r Contact us through a button below. We will be glad to get back within no time.


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